10 Hard Rock Albums Saved By One Song

9. Hello I Love You - The Doors

In the grand scheme of Doors releases, Waiting for the Sun seems to get a raw deal. While the band quickly grabbed the attention of the rock world with their debut, this record tends to get treated like a tread-water release in between the band's early days and experimental period. Whenever people actually do bring up this album, it's usually to bring up the stellar single that kicks everything off.

On the surface, "Hello I Love You" is a pretty standard pop affair, with Jim Morrison showcasing his trademark baritone as he tries his best to play the hopeless romantic. Some may see this as a bit strange coming from a band as heavy as the Doors, but it doesn't matter when you have a hook this infectious.

Aside from this one song though, fans never seem to give this record its just praise. The absolute menace dripping from songs like "Not To Touch the Earth" and "Five to One" and the a cappella "My Wild Love" show the band beginning to get even weirder than their debut with tunes that verge on horror. Though these songs mark great artistic milestones for the band, "Hello I Love You" served as the pop lynch pin that the band needed to bring their demented songs to the masses.


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