10 Hard Rock Albums That Divided The Fanbase

Megadeth's Risk made the Rock Brotherhood a house divided.

Capitol Records

There's no real right way to make rock music. When it comes to writing songs, most bands tend to find their groove and settle into it over each passing record. This normally results in the band fine tuning their sound to near perfection on their releases, but there are also exceptions amid the classics.

Every single hard rock band has always had THAT album. For one reason or another, this is the album that either shows the band taking a different direction or approaching their tunes in a different way. Regardless of whether they were successful, these records have left their fanbases significantly divided. While there are many diehard fans who see these albums as exciting sonic departures, there are others who just see them as misguided attempts for the band to experiment with questionable material.

Love them or hate them, these albums are still fresh in the minds of fans and will continue to spark debate as to their quality for years to come. As opposed to drawing a line in the sand, let's take a look at some of these contentious records and see what made them so controversial. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your new favorite record while digging through these lowlights.


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