10 Hard Rock Albums With Only One Good Song

Diamond tracks amongst the coal.


Every band seems to have that one stinker album in their discography. Despite all of the band's hard work in the studio, sometimes the fruits of labor end up being on the non-listenable side of the music spectrum. That doesn't mean each of these albums are without merit.

Though bands go through different periods in their longevity, no legendary act becomes terrible virtually overnight. Even on bad albums, bands can still muster up their badassery to turn in a few fantastic performances. Amid all the subpar tracks, the occasional stray song will turn up that lives up to the band's usual awesome standard.

These tracks show that the band you know and love is still in there somewhere, but they might just be going through a difficult spot in the studio. Whether it's a happy accident or a glimmer of hope, these songs do their absolute best to save these records from falling into complete boredom.

All of these albums do boast a pretty shoddy execution, but these songs are the shining examples of the band still living up to their potential. Though these albums may have had a specific sonic story to tell, it'll probably be safer for you to pick and choose your way through these songs.


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