10 Hard Rock Albums You Need To Listen To With Headphones

Some complex albums deserve to be heard the right way...


Most people who sit down with a hard rock album know what they are getting. Regardless of what kind of offshoot the genre is, chances are people play these songs looking for some meaty riffs with a nice helping of vocal acrobatics. On the other hand, many artists have gone above and beyond to give their audience something even more adventurous than headbanging.

These are the kind of records that have stopped fans dead in their tracks and demanded that you pay attention. Though these albums deserve to be heard on any medium, you don't really get the full experience of any of them unless you listen with headphones. While it might not be ideal for every single music listener, hearing these records without any added interruption helps you pick up on subtle things that you might not hear otherwise.

Not only are you able to hear the multiple layers of sound, but also the sheer amount of hours these bands put into their music to make them the greatest albums of all time. Whereas some bands would be more inclined to do nothing more than a basic performance on record, these artists went above and beyond to show just how transformative an album experience can be.


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