10 Hard Rock Bands Who Kept The Same Lineup

The Art of Staying True.

Mate 2nd Class Rob Rubio / Public domain

A band is like being in a marriage. Across a career's worth of music, these members have to depend on each other, get along with each other, and remain faithful to their significant others til death do you part. While many bands have called up divorce lawyers more than a few times, there's something to be said about groups that have stayed the course.

When it comes to hard rock bands, it's almost expected that a band have a few hiccups in their internal relationships. For as great as the bands are, there's always that band member who drinks too much, betrays the rest of the group, or just can't take the pressure of the lifestyle. On the other hand, there have more than a few bands who have soldiered on with their original lineup regardless of what obstacles lay in front of them.

Have there been a few bumps in the road? Sure, but what band doesn't have that. Even through the roughest times, these bands have found a way to come back together until they physically couldn't do it anymore. It's easy to just fire the stick in the mud, but every single one of these acts have members who are in it for the long haul.

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