10 Hard Rock Bands Who Made 3 Great Albums In A Row

When one classic album isn't enough for these bands.


There is no shortage of world beating hard rock albums in the world. Whether it’s Black Sabbath on Paranoid, Metallica on Master of Puppets or Guns N Roses doing Appetite for Destruction, musicians have taken the genre down every avenue. The thudding heaviness of hard rock has been fused with Southern groove, sludge, massive arena rock and a bucket full of emotion to create some of the greatest albums of all time.

It takes a special level of music genius and star alignment to write a great record, but the bands on this list have done far more than that. Not content (or far too skilled) to write one great album, they’ve blessed us with multiple corkers and continually push the genre further than before. Sometimes these records become platinum selling albums but often become underappreciated gems that are criminally overlooked. The fact that these bands can achieve excellence again and again is outstanding.

On this list are insane guitar solos, experimental musicianship, legendary anthems and more - after all, it wouldn’t be hard rock without a hell of a lot of attitude.


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