10 Hard Rock Live Albums You Need To Hear

1, 2, 3, 4!

© Annie Atlasman/Press Line Photos/Corbis

Hard rock has always been a genre centered around the album. Beyond just the riffs, there's something about going into a studio and combing through every facet of your musical brain to bring magic onto the record. On the other hand, rock has always been a genre that was meant for the live stage.

Over the years, live albums have come out that have been landmark recordings in the rock genre. Initially just considered throwaways, these records showed the power a live record could have by capturing the maniacal freedom of the performances. Not only were these albums able to capture these acts at some of their greatest moments, but the audience adds a whole new layer to the listening process.

Instead of just hearing another high energy version of a song that you've heard a hundred times already, the crowd noise is able to put you in the mindset of the concert, with the blissful state of sonic anarchy all around you.

More than just a collection of songs, these records serve as a souvenir to the concert experience and show the band operating at the top of their game. Get your devil horns up and enjoy the show.

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