10 Hard Rock Music Artists Who Released Two Great Albums In 2 Consecutive Years

These bands clearly hadn't heard of taking a break.

The White Stripes White Blood Cells
Sympathy For The Record Industry

There's a case to be made for artists taking long breaks between recording and releasing new material.

Time away from the studio gives people a chance to breathe, to grow, to reflect on their successes and return to the booth to bring their fans the next chapter in their story.

But hey, if you're a musical genius, you can just bang out belter after belter in no time at all.

Taking time off is a nice idea, but sometimes you have to roll with the momentum and keep your hot streak going. Also, record labels like it when you can make them as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time.

For one reason or another, these ten acts were back to work only one year after a huge hit. Their hard work paid off though, as they made it two for two in terms of legendary output.

This is mainly an older phenomenon as artists tend to take longer sabbaticals these days, but a few modern examples have snuck onto this list.

Whether old or new, these ten sets of albums are all great and they all came within twelve months of their partners.

10. X - Los Angeles & Wild Gift

X are an American punk group who formed in 1977 and have no idea how SEO works.

Seriously, trying to search for these guys online is a bloody nightmare.

Wrestling fans will know their version of Wild Thing as the entrance music for Atsushi Onita (and later Jon Moxley in AEW), but they've achieved very little commercial success in more traditional avenues.

Still, that doesn't mean they don't make great stuff.

The band's first album, Los Angeles, was released in 1980. It had some serious backing behind it with Doors member Ray Manzarek serving as producer, and it received overwhelming support from music critics at the time.

Almost one year to the day later, X put out their follow-up album entitled Wild Gift. Manzarek returned for this one and critics were once again tripping over each other trying to praise it.

X are considered a highly influential band in several different subgenres of music, which is evidenced by their first two stellar releases.

With that sort of recognition, who cares that they barely made any money?

Well, the band's landlords might have some objection, but who cares about them?

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