10 Hard Rock Music Artists Who Released Two Great Albums In The Same Year

9. System Of A Down - Mezmerize & Hypnotise

This one could get a little painful for fans of Serj Tankian and co., because 2005 was the last year to date that System of a Down released an album. To be fair, they did do two in one year, so maybe they're still recovering.

Mezmerize and Hypnotise not only sound sort of similar, but they came out within six months of each other.

First came Mezmerize, one of the craziest albums in the band's history. Actually, we're talking about System of a Down here. This is actually pretty average by their standards.

It contains one of their biggest ever songs, B.Y.O.B, as well as fan favourites like Old School Hollywood, Radio/Video, and another song that definitely isn't appropriate for us to write about here. Initials VP, if you're wondering.

Hypnotise was actually recorded around the same time as its older cousin, meaning that any combination of these tracks could have ended up on any album. When the dust settled, the second release was left holding songs like the title track, Kill Rock 'n Roll, and Lonely Day.

Great job, guys. Now please release some new music. We miss you.


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