10 Hard Rock Musicians Who Were Almost In 2 Legendary Bands

Hard Rockers Who Almost Appeared In Two Bands

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It's any artists dream to be successful at what they do. As far as rock music goes, the idea of being in a group that is actually recognized for their talent feels like something that only comes once in a lifetime. Or in these artists' case, maybe once every other week.

Though most of these artists are known for their main gigs in their own respective outfits, the door was also open to provide their signature sound to a totally different group. While not all of the initial ideas panned out, fans have always speculated what it would have been like if it were the other way around. From a technical perspective, all the pieces were there for these acts to continue on as they were with these legends in their ranks, but something ended up falling through either through business or some other X-factor.

It didn't really matter though, considering most of these musicians had a virtual gold mine of material to fall back on, becoming stars in their own right after showing their stuff in their own bands. Even though most of these artists have made more millions than they could ask for at this point, there's always that 'what if' scenario if they tried to go another direction.

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