10 Hard Rock Musicians With The Most Endearing Hobbies

When Rock Goes Wholesome.

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Whenever someone thinks of the hard rock genre, the clientele is known to be some grizzly dudes who you wouldn't want to start a fight with. Compared to the down to earth people that you find in the worlds of folk rock or even the divas of the pop world, hard rock seems to be the home of people who know about nothing about rocking out and getting wasted. No one can have a life of rock and roll 24/7 though.

Outside of their usual forays into rock and roll, some of the greatest musicians of all time have some of the strangest hobbies when they're not on the stage. Whereas others might find rock and roll to be a lifestyle, some of the greatest artists have to let off some steam and do something that is a little less rock friendly just to hold onto their sanity. And those hobbies can be as weird or as wholesome as they come.

Hell, some of these musicians have done so well when not at their day job that they can practically make an entire career out of their other venture. These aren't just some meatheads who just fell into the world of rock and roll. These are people with real agendas that are a lot more normal than most are probably willing to admit.

10. Surfing - Eddie Vedder

You don't get the nickname Crazy Eddie between your rock friends for no reason. From the beginning of Pearl Jam's career, Eddie Vedder was already making waves in the grunge scene as the guy who would climb the scaffolding at gigs and have absolutely zero care about his own self preservation. So you'd be surprised that when he's back home, he's just the casual surfer dude on a board.

Yeah, it turns out that Eddie's time off the road reads more like a guy who listens to something like the Beach Boys than Pearl Jam. Before he even joined the band, Eddie already wrote the beginnings of songs like Alive and Once after an inspired session when he was out surfing in his native San Diego.

If you didn't catch the drift of that, just look at a good half of the more mellow side of Pearl Jam's songs. In between the Jeremys of the world, there are songs like Oceans that are just about the joys of surfing or tracks like Amongst the Waves from Backspacer that immortalize Eddie's affinity for the tide. Given that he's taking to playing ukulele in his spare time now, it wouldn't be surprising if Eddie just retired to a life of being a beach bum once he decides to hang up his rock and roll boots.

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