10 Hard Rock Song Lyrics That Nobody Understands

The cryptic rock lyrics that have brought offence, confusion and karaoke mishaps to the masses.


The hard rock landscape has been morphing and developing since its inception, connecting rock 'n' roll and blues to heavy metal. For better or worse, it has given us Zeppelin, Manson, Guns 'N' Roses and even Creed.

But, from stairways to teen spirit, one in a million to feel good hits, hard rock tracks are not always what they seem on the surface. Aside from the heavy guitars, foot-stomping rhythms and the trashed stages left in their wake, nothing typifies hard rock music more than their often dark, offensive or abstract lyrical content.

Whether their motivations are Satanic, pure of heart, or fuelled by a Millennium binge on every drug known to leather-clad man (looking at you, Josh Homme), hard rock lyricists have been reaching into uncharted territory since the dawn of the five minute solo to bring avid listeners lines that would have even Dr Johnson reaching for the encyclopedia.

What follows are a selection of rock songs whose lyrics have confused critics, offended radio stations and had fans debating over pints for decades, with everything from stadium anthems to sleeper hits getting in on the action.


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