10 Hard Rock Songs That Were Supposed To Be Classics (But Tanked)

Rock's Biggest Missed Opportunities.

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Every so often, an artist writes that one song that is sure to set the world on fire. Regardless of what genre they cater to, every musician has the potential to capture that lightning in a bottle moment and put it on display for the rest of the world. However, that doesn't necessarily mean the rest of the world feels the same way.

Instead of reaching the greatest musical heights imaginable, these records flew off the charts just as quickly as they arrived, leaving the artist either in the dust or having to rely on their other material.

That doesn't mean that the song in question is outright bad. In fact, most of these records hold up as both worthy inclusions in their discography, or in some cases one of the great overlooked gems of their career.

Then again, it might just be a matter of bad timing on their part, from not riding the wave of their momentum to just not being able to get their act together to finish off the rest of the song.

Either way, the actual finished products have turned into some of the greatest musical Easter Eggs for fans in the know. They might not be as successful as their older siblings, but that doesn't mean they deserved to be loved any less.

10. Night Songs - Cinderella

From the cover alone, you can pretty much tell what this is going to be, right? Considering this came out at the height of hair metal and had 4 guys dressed to the nines in sequins and studs, the opening of Cinderella's first album is probably just the same kind glammified stuff that was becoming a tired trope at this point. What we got instead was one of the most down and dirty blues dirges of the entire '80s.

Starting off with a massive slide guitar riff, the title track from Cinderella's first record pulls none of its punches, as Tom Keifer lets his massive vocals soar over his riffs. Fitting somewhere between the vocals of Janis Joplin and Steven Tyler, the entire atmosphere of Night Songs makes you feel like you're on a runaway train with Keifer at the helm, as you ride down a dusty terrain in the middle of the night.

Given how much makeup they piled on for this one album, it's also no surprise that the label went with the more laid back tracks for the singles though, with Nobody's Fool being the main ballad that sold the rest of the record. If you're looking to do some digging though, this is one of the saving graces of hair metal's final days and a hook that AC/DC wishes they could have written.

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