10 Hard Rock Vinyl Albums That Are Worth A Lot Of Money

9. The Soundhouse Tapes - Iron Maiden

Everyone knows that the first Iron Maiden record was released in 1980, right?


Wrong! Because the UK metal gods actually put sound to vinyl a year earlier on something called The Soundhouse Tapes.

Booking themselves into a studio in Cambridge, England, the band laid down four tracks that would eventually turn up on future albums. Only three ended up on the record - Iron Maiden, Invasion, and Prowler.

Due to the amateur nature of the recording, the tracks sound pretty rough. To be honest, "pretty rough" is a bit of an understatement. But who cares, because this is a real snapshot in time.

The band released a limited run of just 5,000 copies, which only drove its value up. On Discogs today, the median price of a 1979 edition of The Soundhouse Tapes is $708.24. However, at various online auctions over the years, the value has been as high as $2115.05.

That's over $700 per track!

Early recordings from famous bands are always worth huge moolah and Iron Maiden are no exception to that rule. Honestly, if you've got one of these, sell it - it's not even like the music sounds good.


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