10 Hated Bands That Are A Lot Better Than You Think

Greatness Hidden In There Somewhere.

Cold Play
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In the grand scheme of rock music, the crowd is commonly your judge, jury, and executioner. Rather than just squeaking by with your own personal fanbase, you don't really have a prayer once the mass consensus makes up their mind when calling you terrible. Then again, sometimes the harshest critics are a bit too harsh.

As opposed to just being pieces of trash, a lot of these acts have a lot more going for them than most people would like to admit. Sure, there are more than a few stinkers in a lot of these groups' catalogs to go around. At the same time, there's more often than not that X-factor that sends them into the realm of great for just a little bit. Hell, sometimes the band themselves won't even be that bad but they have just one fatal flaw that signals their downfall. Granted, that didn't stop them from getting the rancor of millions of listeners whenever their songs come up on a playlist.

Since these people do have fanbases though, they have to be doing something right. Instead of just ragging on these people for the umpteenth time in a row, let's take a look at these acts and see what we've been missing after all these years.

10. Bring Me the Horizon

Most of the hardcore scene can be a tricky tightrope for bands to walk. For as much as the harsher side of metal can be fun for a while, you're going to want to start exploring other aspects of your sound to see where it takes you. Then again, a lot of people got to talking once Bring Me The Horizon started to "sell out."

Granted, it's not all that hard to see where those detractors are coming from. Ever since Sempiternal, BMTH have done almost everything they can to separate themselves from the genre that helped birth them. As time has gone on though, things have ended up coming back around for them. Across albums like That's the Spirit and Amo, Oli Sykes and the gang have started to refine their sound into something more radio-friendly, only with a lot more force than many may have expected.

That kind of potential came out in spades on their last EP, with hooks and forceful production that put them on the same level as acts like Linkin Park when they were at the peak of their powers. Despite having abandoned the heavier side in the lyrics to their song Heavy Metal, there's still a lot more interesting work at hand with Bring Me the Horizon. No matter how many times people would want to call them sell outs, you have to be doing something right if you have hooks like this still around.

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