10 Hated Songs Much Better Than Their Reputations

The songs you love to hate.

Warner Bros.

No matter how much we would like to admit it, no musician is perfect. Regardless of a band's previous pedigree, no one can keep the artistic fire burning for the rest of their days. Even amongst the greatest bands of all time, there are songs that lurk in the shadows as the most reviled pieces of music ever to infest the listener's ears.

Then again, are they all that bad though? Don't get me wrong, there have been many artists who have come out with outright crap throughout their tenure, but some of the mudslinging that these songs have had to endure is far from warranted.

Most of the time, these bands come under fire because the song doesn't sound like they "should," but there's nothing necessarily wrong with trying new things. On the other hand, some of these tracks have the opposite problem, with fans saying it sounds too much like the band's usual formula. Instead of looking at what the song isn't, more often than not these songs stand up as fine bits of music just the way they are. Even if it might not be what you are expecting, these songs deserve to be shown just a little more love.

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