10 Hated Songs Much Better Than Their Reputations

9. Muse - Madness

Muse have been known as a band that does whatever they want regardless of whether it falls under the umbrella of rock music. Over the years, the band have flirted with punk, prog, space rock, and even classical compositions, each of which have been given widespread acclaim. So, why is "Madness" the single that fans want to sweep under the rug?

Coming from the band's electronic release The 2nd Law, this song shows Muse fully embracing the sounds of dubstep, as the song is dominated by the fuzzy "wub" of Chris Wolstenholme's synth-bass. This is far from the riff-based rock of album's past, but that doesn't automatically make the track a stinker. Dominic Howard shows incredible taste as he fluctuates between synthetic percussion and the drum kit proper while Matt Bellamy builds layers upon layers of vocals to create a Queen-like sonic landscape.

Even though there is no discernible riff in the song, the climax is capped off by a brilliant guitar solo, with Bellamy descending down the scales like a cross between Brian May and Jimmy Page. While many Muse fans would sooner throw this record to the wolves, "Madness" is a bold new reinvention that showed that Muse were capable of so much more than just epic-sounding rock.

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