10 Highly Underrated Rock Music Drummers

Drummers are the heartbeat of any band, and these ten need to be shown more love.

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They might usually be seated the furthest from the audience and idiotically labelled by some as "the person who hits things with sticks", but drummers are vitally important to any band, especially in rock music.

Right from the early days of rock 'n' roll, keeping time and rhythm has been essential. Without a strong beat, there's nothing to build on, nothing to layer over, and nothing for people to get stuck into as they dance around.

Whilst there are some drummers who are little more than human metronomes, others have gone on to leave their own unique imprint on the business. The likes of John Bonham, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, and Ginger Baker get all the love, so it's about time some other skin-slappers got the recognition they so thoroughly deserve.

For the record, this list is going to exclude any drummers that also have lead vocal duties, as that's an easy way of getting attention.

This rundown is about the hard-working timekeepers who have provided the backbone for so many exceptional bands over the years, keeping things in check even as the rest of the group crumbles around them.

10. Larry Mullen Jr. - U2

A major cause of underratedness in bands is when another member is so wildly famous that they overshadow everyone else. In the case of U2, there are two culprits.

Guitarist The Edge has his own unique style of playing that has made him very famous (also, there's the small fact that his first name is "The"), and as for Bono, well, he's Bono. He's kinda one of the most famous people on the planet.

That leaves the other two members of the Irish heavy-hitters to fend for themselves; bassist Adam Clayton and the man behind the kit, Larry Mullen Jr.

A member of marching bands during his youth, Mullen's drumming style has retained some of that militaristic order ever since. On songs like Sunday Bloody Sunday, he keeps a steady beat whilst also leaving room for innovation, keeping things interesting whilst helping the rest of the group stay on track.

Mullen can be steady and subdued when needed, but can also launch into full-on rock mode should the moment call for it. He might not be instantly recognisable or have a silly stage name, but he's still an excellent drummer.


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