10 Highly Underrated Rock Music Drummers

9. Alex Van Halen - Van Halen

In an alternative universe, this entry might have been dedicated to Eddie Van Halen instead of his older brother.

Alex Van Halen was the first of the two siblings to pick up a guitar, whilst his brother initially began on the drums. Then, one day, Eddie started playing Alex's six-string without his permission, so Alex hopped on Eddie's kit as payback.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Van Halen brothers, along with David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony, rose to stardom in the late 1970s, ushering in the age of hair metal that would help define '80s rock. Whilst Eddie's guitar playing received most of the fanfare, Alex certainly had a hand in shaping the group's signature sound.

You only need to listen to the epic drum intro from Hot For Teacher to realise how good the elder Van Halen brother was in his prime. Capable of churning out lightning fast beats, AVH was a demon in the stool, able to keep pace with the most blistering of Eddie solos.

There's a reason Van Halen never had a different drummer, and that's not just because the band was named after him.


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