10 Hilariously Bad Hard Rock Songs

9. Untitled - Simple Plan

By the mid '00s, a lot of people were starting to get a little bit burnt out on pop punk. Though many artists were rising to the occasion with some stellar albums to their name, the more artificial sounding acts were starting to make a mockery of the more whiny sides of the genre. As far as pure whining goes, it doesn't really get too much worse than Simple Plan's Untitled.

Granted, I could see where they were going with this, as the song and accompanying video was supposed to call attention to the dangers that come with drunk driving. Kudos for them for actually speaking out against something like this...only to cough it up with one of the most laughable vocal performances of that decade. From start to finish, the tone of voice that Pierre chooses for the song is one of the most adolescent sounding things ever put to tape, almost like he is deliberately holding his nose to deliver the lines.

It was only inevitable that once the advent of the meme became a thing, Untitled was given the full treatment whenever people complained about the slightest thing being considered a full on tragic event. Considering the amount of scorn is has wrought from both fans and critics at this point, it might be a mixed blessing that something like this is left untitled.

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