10 Hilariously Bad Hard Rock Songs

8. Sun Arise - Alice Cooper

Change was in the air for Alice Cooper once he released Love It To Death. Hooking up with Bob Ezrin for the first time in his career, songs like I'm Eighteen and the Ballad of Dwight Fry became modern classics for Cooper, etching his name in stone as one of the first shock rockers of his respective genre. So what better way to close the album with...a complete joke?

Coming off Dwight Fry, Sun Arise may be one of the most ill-advised moves that Alice could have made in his career (and that's including his disco albums). Not having enough material to fill out the record, this is actually a cover song of an old kids' song by Rolf Harris, who's dopey optimism has absolutely no business being on a record that to this point talked about teenage angst, insanity, and black magic.

Though the song is competently played at least, the humor of this one comes from everything around it. Compared to the rest of the record that you've just heard, this pulls you out of the experience so hard, as if Cooper himself is trying to snuff out his own record before anybody else. As far as rock goes, you could do worse, but coming from a shock rocker like Alice, this feels almost treasonous looking back on it.

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