10 Hilariously Bad Musicians That Are Crazy Successful

Laughing for the Wrong Reasons.

DJ Khaled

If you're looking to get famous in the music industry, it pays to be over the top more often than not. Over time, musicians tend to learn to play up their whole aesthetic and create a spectacle onstage, with the raw execution being somewhat of an afterthought. That's all well and good...as long as you at least try to put some oomph into your production.

Although each of these artists have built up legions of loyal followers over the years, the fact that they can barely play their instruments is almost too hilarious to take seriously. Whether it's because of a faulty band member or a songwriter who is clearly not carrying their weight, these artists really need to put more into their craft than just running around and collecting a paycheck. Hell, the songs might not even be that bad, and yet that one turd in the punchbowl takes away any goodwill they may have had.

Even on the worst of occasions, you might even have a great band on your hands, which is all but extinguished when you add that extra element into the mix and ruin the fun for everybody. While a lot of these acts are nowhere close to good by any stretch, we can at least get a few cheap laughs out of them as they give the fans what they want.

10. Lil Dicky

Ok, so it might not be fair to put someone on here who is meant to be a joke rapper. After all, since his goal is to make us laugh in the first place, why should we rag on him that much if that's what he meant? Well, the devil is in the details, and Lil Dicky has been milking his talentless goodwill for the better part of a decade at this point.

Though some of his mixtapes like Professional Rapper actually had a handful of jokes that landed, the fact that he's actually trying to be put on the same level as pop stars is borderline nonsensical. Throughout the past 5 years, songs like Freaky Friday have been known as the worst kind of bottom of the barrel pop music you can think of. Granted, any musician who decides that glorifying Chris Brown is a good idea probably doesn't belong on the charts to begin with.

The real icing on the cake though has to be Earth, complete with a wholesome environmental message and a whole break in the action where Dicky actually tries to talk to us about climate change. For God's sake dude, you weren't even that great of a rapper...you can't decide to go full Bill Nye now. Although Lil Dicky probably meant to be funny on many different occasions, the greatest joke he can possibly muster is trying to be deep.

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