10 HYPED Albums That Didn't Live Up To Their High Expectations

9. Apple - Mother Love Bone

Years before Kurt Cobain started the ball rolling for alternative rock, the rise of the Seattle sound could have been a lot different. Though you had bands like Mudhoney giving us a good picture of what was happening on the street, the stadium rock behind Mother Love Bone had the potential to take over the world, having the same kind of sound that someone like the Red Hot Chili Peppers were doing around the same time. In the case of Apple, this never lived up to the hype because it didn't have the time to grow.

Part of the success of a record is how well you're able to promote it, and Mother Love Bone was dead in the water only a few weeks after it came out. Around the time that they should have been celebrating, vocalist Andy Wood passed away from a drug overdose, putting all plans for Mother Love Bone to a halt. While the band eventually folded, the surviving members managed to pick up the pieces, forming Temple of the Dog with Chris Cornell before forming Pearl Jam with a newcomer named Eddie Vedder.

For what it is though, this is a solid collection of how the sounds of hair metal could evolve, going for something that felt more indebted to the days of '70s rock than the likes of Motley Crue. Mother Love Bone may not have had time to bask in their glory, but Apple is still given a certain cult status among the connoisseurs of the Seattle scene.

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