10 Iconic Music Festivals You Must Attend In 2020

Campsites, music and hangovers await.

John Locher/AP

Summer has come and passed, Green Day have awoken from their annual 30 day hibernation and the cold, dark times are upon us.

With that said, what better way is there to relieve the winter blues than to make a pre-emptive strike at the summer of 2020?

There are literally hundreds of music festivals hosted worldwide every year and there’s no better relief from life’s stresses than spending 3-5 days camping and making poor decisions with your friends.

Oh, and there’s bands too.

Music fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to festivals these days. So whether you’re a raver, rocker, hip-hopper, punk, mosher, indie-kid, goth or chart music scrub, there’ll be plenty of these events to satisfy your appetite for debauchery over the summer months.

A list five times the size of this one would fail to scratch the surface of just how many unique and euphoric festivals there are around the world, but here we’ll aim to cover ten of the most iconic. The following festivals have made their mark in history and are sure to deliver superb returns on the investment for their tickets.

Crack a can, sit under a gazebo, it’s party time.

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