10 Incredible Classic Rock Albums We Never Got To Hear

The potential classics all rock fans were robbed of...


It's almost a miracle for any album to get made. Given the time, money, and creative ingenuity at play, every musician can only hope to achieve a record that reaches classic status. However, not every project ends up meeting the ears of the audience.

There are many instances where musicians have written entire albums' worth of material only to have them left on the cutting room floor. Rather than throwing these songs out as B-sides or fan releases, these songs are abandoned in the song graveyard, never to be heard by the mass market. Whether it's through bad business or more tragic circumstances, these albums have never fully seen the light of day.

Though we may never know what these tracks may have sounded like in their final state, fans have speculated what the actual records could have been had these artists fulfilled their grand vision. However, that's all we're left with at the end of the day: speculation. That being said, it's always interesting for fans to fill in gaps of their own and contemplate what a new record from their favorite artists might have sounded like. Here are just a few examples of albums that can only exist in the minds of those closest to the band.


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