10 Incredible Paul McCartney Songs You’ve Never Heard

Over half a century’s worth of overlooked gems from the former Beatle.


Rock ’n’ Roll was supposed to be a young man’s game. So much so that no one expected ageing rockstars to still be producing records in their twilight years. Beatle Paul McCartney imagined that at 64 he’d be retired, looking after the grandkids with his wife (who, according to his lyric, is responsible for feeding him. Come on Sir Paul, it’s not the '60s anymore. You can do your bit in the kitchen).

Now 77, McCartney is still putting off that retirement, still releasing new albums. Even if you discount The Beatles, between solo records, Wings albums and his collaborations with Youth as The Fireman, he’s made a whopping 28 studio albums, a lot for even the most dedicated fan to keep up with.

Even fewer will find the time to delve into Paul’s various B-sides, outtakes, and rarities. Which is a real shame, because some of Macca’s most obscure releases are absolute gems that other artists would release as a single or make the centrepiece of an album.

Of course you don’t have to sift through box sets or bootlegs to hear these hidden gems for yourself. Not when we’ve already compiled them into a handy list for you.


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