10 Incredible Rock Singers Who Were In TWO Great Bands

The dual lives of rock's greatest voices.

Sub Pop/Wikipedia/Epic

The lead singer is one of the most important roles in the typical rock band. With the exception of maybe the guitar player, the vocalist is the one that has the most star power and plays the typical role of rock star whenever a band takes to the stage. Most fans will typically identify a band based on the singer, but these gifted pipes couldn't be contained to just one act.

Over the years, many vocalists have been able to show different sides of their artistic selves by starting completely different bands than the ones they started out with. It might sound like career sabotage to leave the band that made you famous, but these singers proved that they had the raw talent to hold their own away from their usual outfit.

Sometimes, these secondary acts have afforded these musicians to touch on different territory they otherwise wouldn't have been able to express in their main gig.

No matter much a vocalist may seem tied to a certain act, the true artists of the genre always have a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to working outside their normal confines.

They may be known as the classic frontman for their home band, but these other acts show that these guys are no slouch when it comes to handling other material.


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