10 Incredible Songs That Took NO Time To Write

Striking when the iron is hot... and changing music history.


Threading the eye of the needle, building a scale model of the Empire State Building out of matchsticks, eating a bowl of minestrone soup in a wedding dress - sometimes in life, it pays to take your time.

On other occasions though, bashing something out at breakneck speed simply cannot be beaten.

Have you ever had that moment when you’ve been cutting wrapping paper and your scissors suddenly start gliding and it just feels like the most effortless, blissful thing in the world? Pretty nice, isn’t it?

The point is: There are times in life when everything just clicks; when it feels as if the stars have aligned and existence isn’t such a bloody struggle.

And the same can be said of songwriting.

Occasionally, if an artist gets lucky and if they pick up their instruments during one of these momentary sweet spots, then fully crafted classics can just come to them, falling from the sky entirely-formed into their laps like gifts from the musical gods.

It’s rare, of course, and it usually takes a prerequisite level of genius to get struck by these bolts of harmonious lightning, but over the years, these mini epiphanies have given us some of the greatest songs of all time.


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