10 Internet Radio Stations You Should Be Listening To Right Now



XRAY FM is based in Portland and it features a :blend of talk, music and culture" that is a trend of most of the stations on this list. What sets it apart from so many of the others included here, though, is its musical diversity. Where others may be dedicated to rock, or avant-garde, or club sounds, XRAY revels in eclecticism.

Its primarily local DJs bring in funk, soul, R&B, metal, rock, indie, psychedelia, club, hip-hop and everything in between, with the label running an anything-goes and everything-is-worthy-of-inclusion ethos. This stretches to its talk shows too, in which an unbiased and objective study of international and local events is foregrounded and both perspectives of any argument are clearly stated.

XRAY FM's all-inclusive motto is that "Radio is yours. We are honored to bring you some." Why not go and check them out?

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