10 Laughable Post-Grunge Bands You Won't Believe Are Still Going

9. Papa Roach

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvSvEeD8CVQ I am not only in constant amazement that Papa Roach are still a band, but a band that are still highly successful. That's right, Papa Roach, perennially late to every trend they cling onto somehow manage to fool a significant amount of people every year into buying their albums. After latching onto rap rock with 2000's Infest, the band would shift gears several times over the course of their career, making them one of the few nu-metal artists to successfully rebrand themselves. Really though, I don't think anyone saw Coby Dick becoming the new Nikki Sixx. While one could never accuse Papa Roach of stagnating, one must question their adherence to trendiness. From rap metal to butt rock, there hasn't been a low that the band will not stoop to, even so far as going to release a dubstep rock song in 2012. Sorry, Papa Roach - and I can't believe I'm saying these words but - Korn did it it first, and Korn did it better. While P-Roach may not fit the mould of the traditional post-grunge artist, they encapsulate enough of the genre's trappings and are terrible enough that we can make an exception this time.
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