10 Legendary Rock Shows In Music History

9. Monsters of Rock in Moscow

In the early ‘90s, Metallica’s direction was starting to turn a corner. In the wake of their last 4 albums being nothing but pure thrash metal, The Black Album was their pivot towards hard rock that turned them into global superstars, with some of the biggest radio rock hits of their career. They hadn’t forgotten their metal stripes though, and Moscow was given a thrashing during the Monsters of Rock tour.

Up until this point, this remained one of the biggest concerts that metal had ever seen, with seas of people coming together to bang their heads to songs like One and Creeping Death. In between Metallica’s set though, there was also a little band picking up steam known as Pantera, introducing the world to Dimebag Darrell’s guitar tone and the off the wall stage presence of Phil Anselmo.

Whereas the last few years of heavy metal had been dominated by the bands off of the Sunset Strip, this was the moment where things started to get a lot heavier, culminating in AC/DC taking the stage at night tearing through their biggest hits. By the time that the final cannon blasts rang out on For Those About to Rock, it felt like we were living in a different world.

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