10 Legendary Rock Shows In Music History

7. Alice in Chains Unplugged

Looking back on MTV Unplugged, it was anyone’s guess as to whether or not certain bands would even work in that kind of intimate setting. For every great performance like Eric Clapton reinterpreting Layla, you would also have something like when Korn tried to play without pickups and then everything turned to mush. The test of time is a big thing here though, and seeing Alice’s acoustic performance is enough to make you cry.

Being a few years removed from their last record, Alice was mostly on hiatus during this time as they hoped Layne Staley would get medical treatment for his heroin habit. Using this as a one off performance, you can tell that Layne is not doing well, barely moving an inch and struggling to get that same gravel back into his voice as he used to.

When he does shine though, the emotion in his voice is too much to bear, especially on a song like Nutshell where he starts to reveal the scared drug addict behind the mask, knowing that he’s probably going to lose this battle a little later down the line. For as private as some of these moments should be, it’s nice to at least see Alice come together one last time to celebrate the music they created together. The self titled record may have marked the beginning of the end, but this was Layne’s last true goodbye to us.

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