10 Legends That Guested On Hard Rock Songs

9. My God is the Sun - Queens of the Stone Age

It kind of feels like cheating putting something by Queens of the Stone Age on a list like this. The lineup of QOTSA has always been fluid since Joshua Homme got everything started back in the day, and 2013’s Like Clockwork shows the same amount of guests that you would expect from a Queens record. We expected some surprises, but not too many people expected a reunion like what happened here.

Since Josh is known to use musicians like different artistic paint brushes, My God is the Sun was calling for the same kind of fire that he had tapped into back in the glory days of QOTSA, and that meant bringing in Dave Grohl to play drums for the second time around. Grohl was known for manning the skins across Songs for the Deaf, and you can tell that he’s back in action from the moment that the song starts, hitting the snare like an updated version of what John Bonham would have done.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, with former bassist Nick Oliveri also showing up a few times on the record to provide background vocals, which brings all of the Songs for the Deaf back under one roof for the album. Homme had already gone through a rough patch before this album, so this song was just a celebration for making it back to the other side.


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