10 Lost Albums From Famous Rock Musicians

These hidden gems may never see the light of day.

Jimi Hendrix Axis

For every one song that an artist actually releases, there are at least five or six that remain in the archives.

Some are confined to notepads and phone apps for the rest of time, whilst others actually get recorded, but never released. Sometimes, an artist will go to the trouble to lay down an entire album, only for fate to have other ideas.

These ten works by ten of the biggest names in rock music suffered this unfortunate result, as they were all destined for the public at one point, but, as of yet, still haven't been heard.

A few of them exist somewhere, but are heavily guarded under lock and key. Others have made their way out into the world by virtue of certain songs appearing on other albums. However, in the case of some of these albums, they are lost in the most literal sense of the word, because nobody knows where they are.

Well, some of them got stolen, so the people who nicked them know where they are. It's just that nobody knows who they are, which isn't very helpful at all.

10. Eros - Deftones

Modern rock chameleons Deftones were on the run of a lifetime in 2008, coming off the back of five highly successful albums, several of which had gone platinum.

The band were going for the sixpeat (if that's a word) with a new project under the name Eros, when something unthinkably awful happened.

Chi Cheng, who had been bass player for the band since their very early days, got into an car accident that left him in coma. Cheng would never fully recover from the crash, spending several years in and out of consciousness before dying of a cardiac arrest in 2013.

With their friend in such a serious state, the rest of the band abandoned the Eros sessions and never returned to them. In 2010, they released Diamond Eyes, a new album with Sergio Vega filling in on bass.

There were apparently a dozen or so songs recorded for Eros, with one called Smile being fully mastered. However, the band didn't want to return to the material until Cheng was no longer in a comatose state.

It's been over a decade since his passing, and Eros remains just a whisper on the wind.

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