10 Lost Albums That Were Released Years Later

9. Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks

For many of the uninitiated, Fleetwood Mac would have been considered nobodies if they hadn't acquired Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. While Fleetwood Mac had already been legendary as a blues rock outfit at the time, having two pop songwriters in the mix gave them the commercial power that they needed for albums like Rumours. As it turns out though, the power couple behind the Mac were a lot better in the band than left to their own devices.

Originally operating out of the same studio that Fleetwood Mac was working in, Buckingham Nicks was originally the name of the duo band that they had, which featured them sowing the seeds of what would become Fleetwood Mac material. Although most of the songs on here have gone out of print, the files that we have now give us a peek as to what the early days looked like.

Compared to the global force of songs like Rhiannon, there are scattered moments of brilliance on here, with the song Frozen Love being the song that originally got Buckingham the gig as the Mac's guitar player a few years later. If anything, this is a nice snapshot of what this folk duo was like before the breakup and fallout of everything that was on the horizon.

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