10 Massive Music Acts Of 2013 Who Just Won't Last

Although 2013 had it's fair share of new artists and record-breaking singles, there's a distinct lack of longevity in these artists going forward.

We live in a day and age where fame can be achieved over a matter of hours and where your face can end up being the front cover of every magazine from here to the moon within days. Whether it be for your rather hilarious attempt at jumping through frozen water in a swimming pool or for your exceptional musical talents, the public just love it. Such 'talents' have been revealed over the course of 2013, but not all of them will be remembered. The public's taste in music is constantly changing, before it was The Beatles, then Fatboy Slim and now pretty-faced boy bands with their angelic voices. Justin Bieber has had his success (albeit currently not a particularly favourable one) and other heartthrobs have ensued as a result with the likes of One Direction and The Wanted. Surely by now the public's taste for these teenage stars has started to become sour as they crave something newer and fresher? Perhaps Clean Bandit will give them just that, whilst Ylvis and Chvrches may only temporarily do the same. From X Factor finalists to overnight internet crazes, these musicians have had their time in the spotlight, but will it last? Some say yes, others say no.
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