10 Massive Music Acts Of 2013 Who Just Won't Last

10. Robin Thicke

Following the overwhelming success of "Blurred Lines", Robin Thicke has been all over the news with his budding charm, classy dress sense and rather naughty tendencies. He's done it all, from the explicit music videos to the rather extravagant VMA performance even to the mirror photo that got Mrs. Thicke rather angry. His very sense of being emits vast quantities of pheromones so surely both women and men alike should love this guy. However, it's rather the opposite. His cocky and arrogant nature has branded him a womaniser and a spoilt brat who's attempted to make it big in the music world all thanks to his legendary father. Not only that, after a few weeks of hearing his music the general consensus was that his voice really isn't that fantastic and that it's actually quite annoying. So whilst his Happy buddy Pharrell Williams bathes in success, Thicke has still been living off that same old summer song that we just all love to bits. Unless he comes up with something that's daring and original, he will just have to live off of Blurred Lines and sexually-exploitative music videos.
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