10 Messiest Band Splits In Rock Music History

9. Blink-182

You can be a little bit forgiving of a band like the Pixies though. As much as they may have tried to make it work, Frank Black's decision felt more like he said all he wanted to say with his old band. But good Lord, the passive aggression with one of the saviors of pop punk is absolutely staggering.

It's not like fans weren't aware that the Blink 182 camp was in a little bit of trouble during the era of their self titled record. Even though the songs were absolutely brilliant, you could sense there was a bit of a rub between the band's tastes in styles, with Tom DeLonge going for more atmospheric tones than what we were used to on Enema of the State. Whereas most artists would just have a side project or sit down with their bandmates, Tom just sent an email and cut off ties with Blink altogether to form Angels and Airwaves.

Actually, there's a correction that needs to be there. Not only did Tom leave the band over an email...he actually made his manager do the dirty work and send the thing instead of actually being there for the band. Since Blink was always known for their larger than life sense of humor on stage, you would think that the frontman would have a little more confidence than this.

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