10 Metal Albums With ONE Bad Song

8. Dancing In The Streets - Van Halen

In the recesses of metal elitists, there are always those who are willing to disparage Van Halen for not being a metal band from skin to core. Then again, if you try calling Van Halen un-heavy after listening to something like Women and Children First, you better believe that you're fighting a losing battle. When making a case for when they started doing wrong though, Diver Down is a pretty decent starting point.

First of all, this album almost shouldn't exist on principle, feeling more like a compilation of B-sides and covers that were put out just to have a product for their label. Even with VH's impressive way to reinvent cover songs, the version of Dancing in the Streets by Martha and the Vandellas doesn't really land the same punch as something like You Really Got Me.

While Eddie and the gang are in fine form behind the instruments, the vocal performance by David Lee Roth just feels a bit off the mark, being a lot more showy for the band's usual style. Granted, showy is the exact route to go on a song like this, but it makes for an odd fit coming from the kings of hair metal. This doesn't sound like the party band we got to know back on Runnin with the Devil. This feels more like a Vegas act that just happened to find their way onto a Van Halen album.

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