10 Metal Bands Who Made 5 Great Albums In A Row

Heavy. Metal. Legends. Only.

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Despite often being labelled as meat-headed and aimlessly aggressive, time after time metal proves itself to be one of the most forward-thinking, experimental, and fun genres in music. Started off by Black Sabbath in 1970, the genre has expanded into a whole host of different territories whether that be bands taking it to darker places, adding on massive choruses or playing with speed-loving technical proficiency.

Scenes have come and gone within metal, leaving classic albums, a host of pale imitators and genuine pop-culture defining moments. Metal has impacted the wider world of music and reached highs most will never give it credit for. Within metal are bands that have written classic scene defining albums, bands that have remained legends for 40/50 years and bands that have broken through into the mainstream.

On this list are the artists that have achieved the almost impossible and made five great albums in a row. Somehow they’ve managed to stay so consistently brilliant that they’ve made multiple classic records, changed the world around them and stood the test of time. Through blast-beats, screams, experimentation and insanity, here are the legends

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