10 Metal Songs Inspired By Famous Movies

You have to be pretty insane to make a metal song about The Wizard of Oz...

Wizard Of Oz Metal

The idea that metal music is satanic is a depressing stereotype. Whilst there is almost always a dark undertone to this genre, there’s no limit in terms of theme. Metal artists have addressed war, addiction, political turmoil, loss, love, redemption, and plenty of other concepts since the genre made an appearance in the late 1960s.

Though bands often explore their own personal struggles or opinions, exterior factors can shape the songwriting process as well. Books, television shows, plays, and movies can directly influence an artist and allow them to put a unique spin on a particular song.

Unsurprisingly, movies with a serious tone or a dark subject matter (such as horror movies or thrillers) are often used by metal bands for inspiration. However, this certainly isn’t a universal rule. Films with a bright, upbeat atmosphere can also be influential. Some artists have even been inspired by famous children’s movies when writing new material.

There are no boundaries when it comes to creating metal, and as such, movies with various tones and target audiences have been used for decades as inspiration for some truly exceptional songs…

10. A Phantasmic Parade – Epica

Inspiration: The Matrix

The world of symphonic metal is a crazy one. This bombastic genre merges classic instrumentation with heavy rhythm sections, choral vocals, and a smattering of other influences.

Epica are one of the most successful artists to arise from this genre and have never been afraid to address big themes with their music. The band’s seventh record – The Holographic Principle – was heavily inspired by the concept of the world being a digitally designed hologram.

Frontwoman Simone Simons has cited The Matrix as a key inspiration for ‘A Phantasmic Parade’. Despite there being no direct quotes in the song, there are a number of nods to the famous sci-fi movie. The song even refers to the red pill or blue pill scene, with the lyrics addressing ‘a choice that is my own to make’ and ‘finding out my life has been a lie’.

Though The Holographic Principle has many great lyrics, ‘A Phantasmic Parade’ is particularly interesting for those who have an affection for The Matrix.


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