10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About The Beatles

9. The Boys Had Some Crazy Acid Trips

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Despite their early reputation in the British media as clean-cut pop stars, particularly compared to The Rolling Stones, The Beatles became one of the earliest and most recognisable public advocates for the use of psychedelic drugs during the 1960s.

During the Spring of 1965, Lennon and Harrison had become psychonauts for the first time completely unwittingly, as their dentist John Riley spiked their tea with the then-legal hallucinogen without telling them during a dinner party at his house.

Completely unaware of what they were about to experience, Harrison and Lennon left the house by car and continued to travel throughout the night as they enjoyed their first trip.

But that wasn't the only time a member of The Beatles was close to going over the edge after taking a psychedelic. Lennon would later become a regular user of LSD, and during the recording of Getting Better during the Sgt Pepper sessions, John mistakenly took acid in pill-form and had to be led up to the roof of Abbey Road Studios by producer George Martin to get some fresh air.

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