10 Mistakes In Songs So Good They Kept Them In

9. "You're Beautiful"'s False Start

Before he was the clown prince of Twitter, there was a time when James Blunt was just a simple ex-soldier with an arsenal of weepy pop songs and a voice that drove your dog wild. His breakthrough single, "You’re Beautiful", featured a video that saw him sat on top of a cliff in a blizzard before he promptly stripped down to just his underwear and chucked himself off, presumably because of some girl or other.

That all felt like a bit of a rash decision, but it would appear that our James has a tendency for jumping the gun. On the album version of "You’re Beautiful", he comes in with the opening line “my life is brilliant” a whole bar too early. He then has to repeat it a few seconds later, giving the distinct impression that he’s just being a bit boastful.

Turns out he wasn’t being immodest though, and the whole episode was just a slip-up, so much so that it was edited out for the radio and music video versions of the track.

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