10 More Hard Rock Music Artists Who Released Two Great Albums In 2 Consecutive Years

This lot knocked it out of the park one year and then did it all over again twelve months later.

Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Ozz
Epic Records

In the days before the Internet, there was literally no way of knowing when your favourite artist was about to release a new album.

Except newspapers... and music magazines... and the radio... and television... and asking people... never mind.

The point is that fans of these particular performers needn't have worried too much about knowing the exact date of their next drop, because they knew that it would come around very soon.

The bands and singers on this list all set a high bar for productivity when they churned out an excellent album in one year and then did the exact same thing the year after.

Whilst most of the acts on this list are of a certain vintage, because looking after yourself wasn't invented until 2002, there is one modern act that managed to find its way on to the rundown.

Working yourself to the bone is definitely not the way that everyone achieves their best results, but these guys and gals must have found something reassuring about the pressure of a tight turnaround.

What does that say about the state of their brains? You don't wanna know.

10. Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight & Dream Police

Though nowadays they might just be considered conventional dad rock, Cheap Trick were a pretty revolutionary force in the late 1970s.

They were early pioneers of the genre known as "power pop", which essentially meant that they took the songwriting conventions of the mid-60s and pumped a load more noise into them.

After a fairly steady start with their first two albums, Cheap Trick really hit it big with 1978's Heaven Tonight. This record combined the darker tones of their debut release with the more upbeat sounds of its predecessor to create the best of both worlds.

Or the worst, if you're going to be pessimistic like that.

Later in '78, the band put out a live album called Cheap Trick at Budokan. The monumental success of this record paved the way for their most successful release ever - 1979's Dream Police.

Shifting over a million copies in the US thanks to songs like Voices and Way of the World, Dream Police continued the group's ascent to the top of pop rock and did so in style.

There you have it - your dad does know something about music after all.

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