10 More Rock Music Albums That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

They didn't know it at the time, but these ten bands were all making history.

Beastie Boys You Gotta Fight For Your Right

In order to progress art in any form, performers and creatives have to take risks and produce work that does not fit in with the current mould. This doesn't always work out, but when it does, it can change the face of culture forever.

There have been plenty of albums in the rock genre that have done something so revolutionary, people only discovered how good it was many years after the fact. There are ten of them here, but it turns out that more than ten bands and artists have pushed the boat out to great success.

Who'd have thought?

A great, boundary-shifting album can herald the arrival of new trends, new themes, even brand new genres years before they finally establish a foothold. As a result, not all of these albums were immediately successful, but they're all looked back on with a degree of fondness now.

Music is constantly evolving, as it should be, and rock is no exception to that statement. Just imagine if the following albums had never been released because the artists behind them didn't want to upset the status quo.

The world would be a much poorer place.

10. Marquee Moon - Television

Towards the end of the 1970s, conventional punk rock exploded into dozens of different subgenres.

One that would go on to dominate the 1980s was New Wave, a more toned down, less frightening, more pop-orientated incarnation of the hellraising movement. Bands like Blondie, Depeche Mode, and Duran Duran, all made names for themselves thanks to this new venture, but none of them would have gotten anywhere had it not been for Television.

That's the band, not the method of broadcasting moving images, although that possibly helped too.

Formed in New York City, Television released their debut album Marquee Moon in 1977. Marquee was definitely the word for it, as this would turn out to be a watershed movement in rock music history.

Although they had previously operated as a punk act, the band decided to take things in a new direction for their first record. Their resulting mixture of jazz chords, clean production, and improvisation was heralded as a massive leap forward and set the stage for New Wave to dominate the upcoming decade.

Sadly for Television, they achieved very little chart success themselves, before breaking up for the first time in 1978.


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