10 More Rock Music Songs That Have Been Played The Most Live

8. Blind - Korn (1,711 Times)

The most recent band on this list by quite some way is Korn, the nu metal innovators who made the words "boom taka boom" all the rage for a brief moment in 1998.

Fronted by Jonathan Davis and his elaborate microphone stand, Korn are utterly relentless when it comes to making new music, never going longer than three years without releasing an album. They've also been known to play over 100 live shows in a single year, peaking in 1995, where they performed to an audience 206 times.

As a result, their songs get played a lot. Freak on a Leash has been played over 1,500 times, but way out in front on 1,711 plays is their first ever single, Blind.

Taken from their self-titled debut album, Blind was initially written by Davis for his old band Sexart. He left that group to join Korn, presumably when he realised how stupid its name was.

Blind has been a part of Korn's sets since the very beginning and still has a place in the hearts of the fans. It might not be as famous as some of their other songs, but it doesn't look like it's going away any time soon.

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