10 Most Controversial Music Videos Of All Time

8071marilynMEIO Music wouldn't be as fun without some great videos to go with along with it. Besides, it helps the flow of things and can greatly enhance the feeling and mood of any song to picture it working alongside its video. Some of these videos take the really happy clappy approach with bright visuals and over-the-top production values, like Katy Perry and her California Girls video, to downright weird and wonderful efforts like those of Marilyn Manson. Over the years, though, there have been many a video that has caused an uproar in the music scene- here we count down 10 of the most controversial videos from the history of music.

10. Looking Hot - No Doubt

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiqxD-kH098 Who would have known that a simple theme of cowboys and Indians would cause so much hassle? No Doubt released the video on November 2nd of last year and subsequently removed by the band the next day due to the band's supposedly racist and stereotypical depictions of Native Americans. After No Doubt explained themselves as being a multi-racial band and consulting Native American friends and Native American experts at the University of California, the university released the following open letter to the band:
"Perceptions that American Indians are mere historical relics, frozen in time as stereotypically savage, primitive, uniquely-spiritualized and €“ in the case of Native women €“ hyper-sexualized objects to be tamed" and said the video "is replete with such highly offensive and destructive images of Native peoples in general and Native women specifically" and that is was "rife with imagery that glorifies aggression against Indian people, and, most disturbingly, denigrates and objectifies Native women through scenes of sexualized violence" but commended the band's decision to remove the video."
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