10 Most Disappointing Hard Rock Albums In History

10. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IiiAtlanticToday, Led Zeppelin€™s original eight studio albums are held in such high regard that criticizing any of them is as blasphemous as tagging the Vatican wall. They are untouchable, as fresh sounding today as when first released. Led Zeppelin III, their quirkiest album, was the first in which the band began to display its diversity and ambition, moving beyond ripping-off old blues musicians to explore traditional folk, eastern music, bluegrass and the full-on heavy metal only hinted at in previous songs like Whole Lotta Love. Time would prove Led Zeppelin III to be one of their more interesting albums, and a necessary stepping stone for the band to enter its most creative period with their untitled fourth album, Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffiti. But in 1970, this album not only confounded critics, but legions of listeners who understandably expected more of the same sonic bombast of Zeppelin€™s first two records. Of course, the band had recorded acoustically-driven songs before, but Led Zeppelin III had an entire album side totally free of Jimmy Page€™s fiery solos and Robert Plant€™s banshee wails - arguably two elements which first endeared the band to the masses. Such drastic change made this a difficult album for fans to warm up to. Though Led Zeppelin III eventually sold six million copies, it is still one of the lesser selling albums in their entire catalogue. Obviously, what€™s considered €˜disappointing€™ is relative to which band you€™re speaking of.
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