10 Most Disappointing Rock & Metal Albums Of 2020

Just as you thought this year couldn't get any worse.

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Throughout rock music’s history, the success of the genre has dipped and risen. From boom periods in rock and metal such as 1976, 1991 and the early 2000’s, to some less memorable calendar years for the genres, rock relies on the success of its artists to survive.

Because of this, good albums from big names are an imperative part of any genre's credibility. On top of the big names, lesser known bands can rise up from the background and become international stars through incredible and unexpected album campaigns.

Alternatively though, some big bands can get complacent with their reputation and sent some lacklustre material out into the world. Even some of the best bands and musicians ever like Metallica and Alice in Chains have made bad albums, and 2020 has been no exception to producing some honestly disappointing records.

In this article, we will look at the most underwhelming rock albums of 2020 which have been ‘masterminded’ by some of the genres biggest former, rising and current names.

10. Twin Atlantic - Power

As the fun-loving, popular and easily approachable faces of Scottish pop rock, expectations were high for Twin Atlantic’s fifth studio album. In hindsight, this may have worked to their disadvantage, although the quality of the record certainly didn’t do them many favours either.

‘Power’ saw the band abandon their core rock focus and go for a more ambient, calm approach. In theory this could have worked, but when Twin Atlantic put it into practice it backfired massively. Their central fanbase was unhappy with the switch and a lot of people saw it as the band selling out.

The most bizarre part about this album is that Twin Atlantic actually quit their record so they could make it. Perhaps they should have trusted the better judgement of their producer and manager and not made this honestly dull album after all.

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