10 Most Disliked Music Videos EVER

"The Annoying Thing" indeed.

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The music video is the epitome of an open canvas. While you might think that your song is one of the best things ever created, putting it to a video is what can really bring it over the top into classic territory. However, that visual accompaniment can also end up being your Achilles heel sometimes.

As the medium has progressed, artists have used the visual medium to tell thought-provoking stories...but you won't be seeing any of that here today. These are the kind of music videos that have made audiences reel back in disgust at what they just witnessed.

But what kind of things provoke this harsh a response? Well, most of the time it comes down to either something incredibly ugly on screen, from terrible graphics to one of the worst scenarios imaginable. On the other hand, if the music at hand just isn't good, that's normally enough to make the public at large yell "get this away from me."

Even though some music videos have ended up saving songs, if the music is bad, it doesn't have a prayer once it's in front of a camera. They may have their share of defenders, but these videos have caused many to run away in fear.

10. Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran

Dislikes: 1.2 Million

Ed Sheeran has had quite the career trajectory from being just a lowly guy with a guitar. After winning hearts with songs like "The A Team" in the early 2010's, he has turned into one of the most in-demand songwriters of this generation, whose writing has extended to artists like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. At the same time, that kind of lackadaisical "guitar dude" attitude had a limit, which ended up being in the form of "Shape Of You."

Though Sheeran claims he had originally written the tune for Rihanna, the song's syncopated rhythm has no real place coming from the guy who just a few years ago was talking about building LEGO houses and writing future wedding songs. The sex jam might have already seemed a bit weird from the start, but the actual music video makes it look so much worse, where Ed thinks that the best way to translate a sultry song about sex is through...boxing.

Sheeran's goodwill was already hanging by a thread on the musical front, but this was the video that showed him diving into pop sellout territory hook, line, and sinker. "Shape of You" might not have been the worst song on the charts, but it stings so much more to see an artist waste their potential.

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